5 Shot films that inspired the biggest off directors

February 24, 2020 6:00 am

A short film is basically a motion picture which is not long to be coined as a feature film. A short film is a film which is less than 40 minutes including all the credits. Short films are of various genres which express an important and beautiful story with an impactful message.

Some shorts films which inspired-

  1. John Lasseter, ’Luxo Jr.’ (1986) – In 1986 Steve jobs bought a company named LucasFilm and renamed it with Pixar. Post renaming the company, he appointed one of the talented animator named John Lasseter, to work on animated short films to showcase the talent of John and one of the excellent employee of the company. The short film named ‘Luxo Jr.’ is one of the first short 3D films to be nominated for an Oscar. Later on, he went on to direct some super hit films like toy story and many more.short films that inspired Directors
  2. Tim Burton,’franenweenie’ (1984) – It was the film which was created by Tim Burton in 1984 which was supposed to precede the premiere of Pinocchio 1984. However, Disney critics believed that the message of the film was too dark to be shown to the family crowd and he even was fired from the company. But luckily for Tim, the great Stephen king watched his short film and recommended his name to people who were in a need of a talented director and this is how he started to climb the success ladder.short films that inspired Directors
  3. George Lucas, ‘electronic labyrinth THX 1138 4EB’ (1967) – This short film was made by George Lucas when he was a student at a university. The film is a story of people who live in the dystrophic world underground. The film won the first prize in the dramatic film category at the third national student film festival. The film was getting the praise one of the friends who decided to fund George to find his own production company which he successfully did in 1971.
  4. Wes Anderson, ‘bottle rocket’ (1994) – This was the film which showcased Wes Anderson’s exceptional film directing skills. In 1992, Anderson met Owen Wilson and both of them wrote a script together and turned it into a great film.short films that inspired Directors
  5. Neill Blomkamp, ‘alive in Joburg’ (2004) – Neill started as a visual effect artist in South Africa. He made a film named alive in Joburg. Peter Jackson saw his work and decided to call him for work for the visual effects. The film made $200 million and it also earned four academy award nominations.
Short films that inspired Directors
Short films that inspired Directors

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