Animation courses are for all age groups – Hence Proved!

February 24, 2020 5:58 am

Who doesn’t remember the super powers and teamwork of “The Incredibles” to rescue the world from complete destruction, or the fluffy Panda Mr. Po’s obsession towards the martial arts? It’s a sure thing that all the animation movie lovers would have been head over heels about the blockbuster anime movies like Kung Fu Panda, Chronicles of Narnia, The Incredibles, Up, Bolt, etc. These movies are the wonderful results of the ever-growing animation industries around us.

How Animation is suitable for all ages.
How Animation is suitable for all ages.

With the increase in the use of social media to connect with our friends and relatives, it has also increased the use of animated GIFs that Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook offers us to express our emotions effectively in a light hearted manner. Such has been the growth and impact of animation in our day to day life.

What is animation?

  • Animation is both science and art of creating illusions or movements of successive drawings or models.
  • There are 5 types of animation i.e., 2D Cel, 2D animation, 3D animation, Motion Graphics, Stop Motion.

Career in animation

The animation industry demands such creative heads who can help to create a more unique and distinctive outlook for the animation industry or who can come up with some indistinguishable animation movie ideas for the further increase in its fan-base. The career in animation assures to be a very rewarding one, and it is also a field of work and fun with a perfect blend of entertainment, technology, and designing.

How Animation is suitable for all ages.

Animation courses can be pursued by those who have a knack for creative design and can come up with innovative as well as attention-grabbing concepts and plans. One who aspires to become an animator can take up a professional diploma or certification course in the field of animation. There is a related field known as ‘visual effects’ which can also be chosen apart from the animation course to increase the chances of being recruited by a reputed company easily. Telangana offers the best visual effects courses in Hyderabad for the creative aspirants.

The most attention seeking part of pursuing animation courses is that it does not have any age restrictions. It doesn’t need you to be of a particular age, and it demands you to be someone who can think out of the box and apply the same in the animation field. Let us take the example to Masashi Kisimoto who famously created the anime series of Naruto. Even at the age of 45 Kisimoto continues to create new innovations in this animation world.

How Animation is suitable for all ages.
How Animation is suitable for all ages.

Animation courses are fun-filled, and the essential requirement to pursue that course is the ability to draw paintings, miniatures, caricatures, etc. Creative Mentors is one of the best 3D animation colleges in Hyderabad from where one can pursue their dreams and master their flair for design and creativity.

Creative Mentors offers the following:

  • Diploma courses like diploma in multimedia, 2D animation, 3D animation, visual effects, and animation film making.
  • Bachelor courses like BFA in animation, B.tech in game development.
  • Certification programs like a certificate in Animation, VFX, Graphic Designing, Motion Graphics, 2D Animation, and Motion Capture.
How Animation is suitable for all ages.
How Animation is suitable for all ages.

Creative Mentors is affiliated to the JNAFA University, which is the most preferred university for fine arts of the southeastern region of India, i.e., Hyderabad, Telangana.