Black Panther won the best costume for Oscars – Here’s Why!

February 24, 2020 6:12 am

Along with Marvel, isn’t it their admirers’ triumph too, when ‘Black Panther’- a Marvel Studio produced American superhero film wins the best costume design award in the Oscars 2019. With this, Ruth Carter- Costume designer of Black Panther, became the first African-American woman to catch this title. Likewise, The Best Original Score at Oscar is titled to Ludwig Gorasson for Black Panther. To add to the victories, Hannah Beachler also won the Best Production Design in Oscar itself for the same film. These achievements are colossal for the marvel studios as it gives them their first Oscar wins in the history.

Black Panther

Since their recoil in making films, Marvel has accustomed several nominations in these 10 years but never won any award. This is the reason why the back-to-back wins of one of the Hollywood’s biggest and successful studios via Black Panther is so much laudable.

Considering the premium element of a film – Costume, we all know how looking spectacular is main when it comes to visual entertainment. Marvel fans already know how the costume designing in its films is kept diverse. For this film- Black Panther which gives you a feel of Wakanda in the movie overall, the gears of all the characters are kept so manifesting that this film had to win this award. The minute detailing like the teeth necklace which the hero wears, and couple of panther suits is what one can count on easily as the striking thing. There are 8 different tribes seen in the movie. Every character is dressed up according to its tribe, for e.g., the Royal family is with the panther tribe apparel. Border, mining, river, merchant, jabari, priests and war dogs are the added tribes in the film. Zulu fashion is also used to some extent. There is an afro-futurism vibe delivered through the film. The sound of the film is yet another instrumental reason accountable in defining the tone and energy of these tribes and their characters.

When we talk about a film and its wow factors, a couple of things might be considered subjective to one’s acuity. No doubt every single trait is responsible to set a film apart. But in this course we innocuously ignore the fact that all these aspects of a film go hand in hand to touch that knockout level. Combination of the sound and design is what that helps the character in the film look more immaculate, thus taking the film at Oscar level.

It can be concluded that for a film to be recognized as the best one, it is essential to make it’s ever aspect actually the best one; aspects like sound, costume, cinematography, editing. A person engrossed in the making of films must take all these things into consideration and endeavor towards learning these skills professionally.

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