Legacy of Shri L V Prasad, A Man with Vision

Legacy of Shri L V Prasad, A Man with Vision A vision is the most rudimentary element for any person to achieve success. Vision is

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8 Reasons to choose game development as your career choice

The popularity of games and gaming is on an immediate rise in the present market. People are hooked onto their digital screens, be it a

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Everything you need to know about graduation in multimedia

Pursuing good education and settling with a good job is extremely important in today’s time. There are numerous degree courses available nowadays, and multimedia is

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5 Shot films that inspired the biggest off directors

A short film is basically a motion picture which is not long to be coined as a feature film. A short film is a film

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Animation courses are for all age groups – Hence Proved!

Who doesn’t remember the super powers and teamwork of “The Incredibles” to rescue the world from complete destruction, or the fluffy Panda Mr. Po’s obsession

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Entrepreneurship after a diploma in multimedia – practical or not

Before jumping into any conclusion based on personal knowledge and views, it is always suggested and safe to know things better and get deep into

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The evolution of visual effects in the Marvel movies so far

Marvel is one of the biggest cinematic super universes that has the biggest fandom in the world. This franchise has been one of the biggest

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