Semester 1

  • Drawing Theory

    The course is designed to understand the form by learning to see and utilize light, shadow, and basic perspective. And to build the ability to focus and analyse complex subject matter through long, in-depth, sustained drawing projects rendered in different black and white media.

  • Colour Design

    Enables students to produce successful visuals through an in-depth study of the elements, principles, concepts of colour and design. Principles will include contrast, balance, unity, rhythm, symmetry/ asymmetry, and visual emphasis to gain the ability to harmonize colour through colour schemes, and an understanding the influence of light on forms. All projects incorporate colour and design principles covered to emphasize craftsmanship and clean presentation.

  • History Of Animation

    History of animation is a survey of the heritage of art & architecture. The methodology to analyze the language of the creative process and the principles of design, as well as techniques and materials. Examining the major monuments and artwork in a chronological sequence, focusing on those from each period, which give the essence of their time, place, function, intent, and the aspirations of the culture and the artist, In short, historical context will be equally as important as style.

Semester 2

  • VFX

    Students will be learning how to shoot background plates, use a green screen studio to record foreground plates, students are able to combine and composite the digital assets from a green screen studio shoot and location shoot, and then throughout the term proceed to composite a visual FX shot from these acquired assets. The elements should consist of Props, CG models, and Actors, if required. Final live action plates are acquired and students complete the final Colour Correction

    Compositing - 2:
    Students will be learning Node Based Compositing , and workflow , blending nodes , merge Nodes with Rotoscopy , Keying and 3D compositing.

    Match Moving :
    Match move is a technique of estimating camera parameters from an input video sequence so that computer generated imagery (CGI) could be seamlessly inserted into the sequence.

    Effects : Students will be learning how to create Effects for Movies, Such as Blast , Smoke , Dust .
    Cloth Animation , Rigid Bodies collision , Particle effects for creating Rain fall and Arrow effects

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