Legacy of Shri L V Prasad, A Man with Vision

February 24, 2020 6:06 am

Legacy of Shri L V Prasad, A Man with Vision

A vision is the most rudimentary element for any person to achieve success. Vision is a kind of a dream that one ought to have before commencing one’s hardship towards the goal. You can consider it as the very first step towards triumph. One such vision could be perceived when we talk about Shri. L. V. Prasad.

He is said to be a man with a vision. A professional film and media school is what the legacy of Shri L. V. Prasad is. Let us know more about him and his school:

Mr. L. V. Prasad –

L V Prasad

One of the pioneers of the Indian Cinema, he is the founder of the Prasad’s Group (1956). This group includes Prasad Art Pictures, Prasad Studios, Prasad IMAX and L V Prasad Eye Institute. He was an all-rounder human being – an actor, a director, a cinematographer and a businessman as well. Receiving the Dadasaheb Phalke Award can be counted as one of his major achievement. He is an inspiration for all in the world of film making.

Prasad Creative Mentors Film and Media School (PCMFMS) –

This is a tie-up of Prasad’s Group with Creative Mentors. This joint venture is one of the best animation and film making institute of Hyderabad. It offers proficient courses for the people having keen interest in visual arts. Its vision is to be an institution of excellence in the higher education of graphics related courses. Along with vision comes aim; disseminate knowledge and reach out to a larger community through expansion is what it aims at.

This is what a vision principally is – instead of remaining stagnant, formulate for something grand.

Sometimes all can have a vision, but not everyone reaches there. There are indicators that help you analyze how far you have stretched. Achievements towards the goal by that time are the beckoning characteristics to determine your growth.  The placements of the institution are yet another bark of the progress tree. The national level recognition given to the legacy is what makes it more upright. Never the less, the alumni is the most valuable asset of any institute. To get these details you can visit the official website by Creative Mentors

When you have glasses you choose the best lens for them, reason? To get an apt vision, right? So why to compromise when it comes to your career. At Prasad Creative Mentors Film and Media School, you will get those appropriate lenses for your life’s vision. We help you make your vision crystal clear.  Don’t delay your dreams, for they are there for a purpose. Take a swift call on them.