Creative Mentors placed their students into domestic as well as international studios over the past 8 years. Alumni working with major award winning studios and working with international clients like Disney, Dream works, Sony, Mike Young and popular clients over the past 8 years, which includes:

  • Dq Entertainment, Hyderabad
  • Pixion, Chennai
  • Ken Studios, Bangalore
  • Basking Lions, Hyderabad
  • Rhythm & Hues, Hyderabad
  • Prime Focus, Hyderabad
  • Prime Focus, Chattisgarh
  • Ospreysoft, Hyderabad
  • Vasista Arts, Hyderabad
  • Sdk Technologies, Hyderabad
  • Vensat, Hyderabad
  • Digital Dreams, Chennai
  • Discreet Arts, Hyderabad

We designed the courses as per the industrial requirements. And we believed Multimedia is a hub for the creative tools, which required for the different industries such as

  • Movie Industry (Both Live action & Animation)
  • Gaming Industry (PC & Mobile gaming in 2D or 3D)
  • Ad-Making companies
  • Electronic media (Web, TV, Mobile...etc,)
  • Pre-visualization (Presentation of their products prior to completion for various industries)

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