PUBG, not just a game but a phenomenon now! (5 game design tricks that made PUBG famous)

February 24, 2020 6:11 am

Hey winner, winner chicken dinner lovers! Let’s just for a while pause our playing and talk on and about the game. This game PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) since its launch in March 2018 has become the most played game by both, android as well as apple users. Though it’s been a year now, but instead of fading its craze, the game is attracting more and more players.

The Creative Mentors Institute brings for you the 5 game design tricks that made PUBG famous-

  1. Multifarious in inside features yet simple when once understood:

When asked to not so pro players but game lovers about why do they stay over PUBG, you get your answer as ‘It is captivating yet very simple and fast to complete. Thus, one need not stay there for long with the impulse to finish first and then do other things because it hardly takes half an hour to get done with one game., unlike some other games like Fortnite’, said one of the engineering students in Mumbai. This helps one maintain balance in one’s all activities without hampering any other.

  1. Safety and Health dealings implanted thoroughly:

Various safety measures made available including the option to restore health. In contrast with games like CSGO, if you die in this game, you can be revived! That’s a real savior, right?

  1. Exposure to n number of teams and players on a global level:

This game connects 100 people in a single lobby. You get to play with people all round the world. The plus point- no paying a single penny to register or login or anything of that sort! Free for all!

  1. Direction made easy:

With the availability of wider maps and more direction features, north-south east-west kept stress-free.

  1. Special play features:

Diverse styles kept available to make your game strong. For e.g. Third eye – this enables a person to just sneak-peak and kill the enemy without coming entirely in front. One can even after dying spectate his friend and tell about the situations which are not visible to him. Isn’t this like a ghost or a gin thing?


Actually 5 is a very small number to tell about what made PUBG famous. Ask a fanatic of PUBG and he will give you more than even the real ones. Infact some might say ‘PUBG khelo, khud jaan jaao’!

According to the Google play rankings, PUBG Mobile is one of the top 5 most downloaded android mobile games in India right now. It is not only restricted to private game times but also opened up to outdoor championships or another name- tournament. It has become a phenomenon in the country evoking a lot of passion; unwrapping ways to even earn money via this. With the game assembling spur, the numbers of players are only set to escalate. Here is to the lovers of PUBG – “Jaiiiii PUBG!”

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