The evolution of visual effects in the Marvel movies so far

February 24, 2020 5:54 am

Marvel is one of the biggest cinematic super universes that has the biggest fandom in the world. This franchise has been one of the biggest in the world cinema not only in terms of their budget but also in terms of the box office it has collected.

The evolution of visual effects in the Marvel movies

It has been a decade since the first of Marvel movie released. This superhero franchise has nineteen movies in total. These movies always remain top in utilizing photo-real VFX technology by advancing the cutting edge technology in modeling, shading, and lighting each part of the frame.

Their facial and motion capture gave the majestic look of every movie. This franchise has been nominated for Oscars for a number of times for BFA and bagged the award for a number of times.

Iron man is the first movie of the franchise. The movie was able to capture all events of the comic using the VFX technology which can be learned at best animation college in India. The beautiful suit Tony Stark wore was given the beautiful finish by using VFX technology. The stunning visuals of the movie gave fans a visual treat. The sequels of Iron man called iron man 2 brought in the VFX to the next level by the integration of energy conserving shader with the combination of HDRI lightening.

The evolution of visual effects in the Marvel movies

Following Iron Man, we had Captain America which is one of the most loved superheroes of all time. The extensive use of VFX played a major past to give Chris Evans a skinny look. They also employed 2D image manipulation to get the idle look of Captain America from the skinny to the buffer version. To get the perfect look, the crew had to go through frame after frame through JNAFAU.

We had the Avengers in 2012 that brought all the Marvel heroes together. Thus the movie required an extended VFX effect to make all the scenes look real. Special we had Hulk who needed additional care for making the character look real. The crew had to employ the best of everything that they had used in the previous movies. The movie followed the sequel of Captian America called Captain America the Winter Soldier where we could see the beautiful effect employed in the high tech weapons.

Then the Marvel University brought in the Guardian of the Galaxy outer space heroes of planets other than earth. This movie had 2 parts each of which employed the BFA in the characterization of the protagonist who ae aliens and gave us a beautiful outer space expenditure. Thor is also one of the movies that had 2 parts that gave fans the life of the lightning God who defied odds in the game of survival. This plot is set on Asgard a foreign land of Gods. The Doctor Strange is one movie that showed the beauty of the VFX effect that was employed to bring every landscape of the earth in the movie.

The Black Panther and Captain Marvel were non-traditional movies of this franchise which had the highest box office. The VFX team of these movies has done extensive research in bringing the beautiful effect of both the interior and exterior shots. All these movies led to Avenger the infinity war the biggest movie ever made that had featured exclusive war that needed to be crafted with utmost care.

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